Provigil vs. Adderall

Provigil vs. AdderallADHD or Attention deficit disorder affects about 3-5% of students. It is a condition in which children have less attention span and are easily distractible. Not just students, a lot of adults also have this disorder which is causing problems in their work life. Provigil and Adderall are top medicines which are used for treating this medical condition. Which one is the best? Is it better to obtain Adderall or to choose Provigil? This article talks about both the medicines to learn about the best option for ADD.

Comparing Provigil and Adderall

a) Adderall is the medicine which is approved by FDA for ADD whereas, Provigil is a medicine for inducing wakefulness which is also used for ADD.

b) This drug provides a state of calmness and helps in focusing on their work. This medicine triggers adrenaline release and thus, the user would have a good amount of energy to focus. Modafinil or Provigil increases attention span of a user by promoting alertness.

c) This medicine causes stimulation and thus, there are chances for over-stimulation while using this pill. You need not worry about it with Provigil.

d) Wakefulness effect is more in Adderall than Provigil according to users.

e) Most of the side effects of this drug and Provigil are same. But, comparing the probability of adverse side effects, it is better to purchase Modafinil online than Adderall.

f) If you are worried about addiction, it is better not to get Adderall. Addiction probability is more in this than in Provigil.


A lot of people buy Adderall online for ADD. There is also a considerable amount of people who rely on Modafinil too. If you are looking for FDA approved medicine that is in a market for basically treating ADD, choose Adderall.

But, if you have a history of drug abuse, it is better to skip this pill. Not just addiction to the medicine, this pill also increases a probability of abusing other substances. Moreover, hyperstimulation is not a problem in Provigil. Though it is not mainly marketed for ADD, a lot of doctors recommend Provigil over Adderall.

No matter whether you choose Adderall or Provigil, it is better to stick to the best site. Just because you can buy the medication cheap from a site, it does not mean that it is a better option. You need to keep in mind that reputation of manufacturer and reputation of a site are very essential.

One can buy Provigil online from many reputed sites. This is an online site where you get the pills along with many other medicines. There is flexibility in payment and delivery options and the site provides the best manufacturers for you. Make sure to learn about the credibility of the site, the credibility of a manufacturer, a license of manufacture, side effects of that particular brand and so on. If you do not have time to go through all those details, it is better to stick to reputed sites to spend money on some potentially dangerous products in the plan to get hold of the medication at a cheap price.

Why is it still necessary to opt for Adderall?

Though abuse of this pill has been prevalent among the people, the medication’s positive side finds an extensive use in treating narcolepsy which might be also one of the answers to the often raised query of what this drug does do or what are the other ailments it is used to treat for. How does Adderall work? It directly influences the chemicals in the nervous system to rein in the problems pertaining to attention faced by the individual. When judged in terms of the better transformation the remedy offers to the suffering patient, Adderall side effects are at the minimal level. The half life of Adderall is quite long, and addiction to it occurs when a person administers the pill in immediate dosing frequencies even upon experiencing relief from the ADHD symptoms.