What Leads To Provigil Addiction Among Students?

One of the main reasons why people order Provigil online instead of buying Adderall, which is approved by FDA for ADHD and ADD, is that Adderall is addictive in many cases.

Addictiveness of Provigil

Provigil Addiction

You may have seen generic Modafinil online. This is the generic name for Provigil. This medicine is used by students with ADHD, ADD, attention disorder and adults who have sleep apnea, sleep disorder and shift work disorder. Provigil is marketed as a remedy for the last three medical conditions, explained here. Doctors recommend people to purchase Modafinil online for ADD or ADHD because it is lighter than Adderall and is not addictive.

Provigil increases wakefulness in people. This boosts alertness without any stimulation. This is something that many addictive drugs do to a user. But, Provigil does it very mildly with absolutely no chances of addiction.

Mystery of Provigil being famous among children

A lot of people fear to order Modafinil online because children seem to like it a lot and people think it is because Provigil is addictive. The truth is that it is not addictive! Then, why is it very famous among children? A doctor would advise you to buy Provigil online for a lot of medical conditions other than what it is promoted for. One such benefit is the cognitive enhancer.

Students who are mentally weak in classes use this medicine to enhance their grades. There are students who take this medicine during exams. Moreover, a recent study indicated that this medicine increases dopamine in the brain which is what many drugs like cocaine do. But, Provigil drug does it very mildly and it is within safer limits, to avoid addiction.

Students do not get Provigil high by using medication. You do not see students ordering Modafinil online or buying it off the street. It is very safe. It is considered to be a smart drug. People order Provigil online to become smarter. It is the most recommended prescription drug used for cognitive enhancement.

Students who use purchase Modafinil online have reported a feeling of wakefulness, motivation, ability to focus, increase productivity, easy to complete tasks and others. So, can I let my child buy generic Modafinil online as and when he feels like? The answer is absolutely no.

a) Though there are a lot of sites to purchase Modafinil online, without any prescription, it is always better to use it only with doctor’s recommendation as it interacts with many drugs and is not suitable for those with any life-threatening medical conditions.

b) This drug would develop a tolerance in an individual within a considerable period of time. Thus, a subject would become insensitive to the drug even if he purchases a different generic Modafinil online.

c) The drug has a lot of potential side effects, which may be very severe.

Buing Modafinil online is not a simple task. There are a lot of sites which provide this medicine. You need to choose a reputed site and medicines from reputed manufacturer who has license for manufacturing the medicine. One such site is Guidetoadhd.com that provides product from top manufacturers and it has many payment and delivery options which increase the flexibility of the process.